A report on the production of helium

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Global Helium Gas Market Report 2017

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Helium production in the United States

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Helium: Between and cumulative production of Helium was 9, MCF. Gas Disposition Symbols in this Report: V ‐ Flared/Vented S‐ Sold State Permit numbers are shown in parentheses. Helium production cross sections for fusion-energy neutrons. Final report, [March 1, December 31, ] Final report, [March 1, December 31, ] Full Record.

The global helium market is expected to witness a healthy growth at an assessed CAGR of % during the forecast period (). The main factor driving the market studied is the increasing consumption of helium in the electronics and semiconductor industry. North American Helium is at the forefront of advancing the development of significant helium production in Saskatchewan that will be needed in North America and potentially worldwide.

Our Company North American Helium is a helium exploration and production company founded in Helium Production in the US US Industry Market Research Report Overview IBISWorld’s industry research report on Helium Production can be used to help you understand the industry’s market size, growth potential and major companies.

Helium production in the United States totaled 73 million cubic meters in The US was the world's largest helium producer, providing 40 percent of world supply. The US was the world's largest helium producer, providing 40 percent of world supply.

A report on the production of helium
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