Benefits of sexual expression

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Dance and health

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Gender Identity/Gender Expression: Legal Enforcement Guidance

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Employee Handbooks

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The following definitions and examples provide a common language for the Dartmouth community. These terms, such as "consent," "sexual assault," and "retaliation," are found in the College's policies and procedures.

Art Therapy Benefits for Sexually Abused Adults

Found an interesting paper about the benefits of art therapy for adult survivors of sexual abuse. I mentioned before how art therapy helped Lee George from Australia, inspiring her to start her own art therapy program for indigenous women in similar situations.

Christine helps us explore some really great concepts related to art therapy and sexual abuse that might be of interest to you.

Department of Environmental Quality - To protect human health and environment, unwanted drugs should be disposed of properly. Incineration destroys the chemicals in drugs and protects our water resources.

Dance and health

Information, including collection locations and disposal vendors can be found here. Dance is an enjoyable health promoting physical activity which many people worldwide incorporate into their lifestyles today. This physical activity appeals to some who may not be active and therefore may be another alternative of exercise.

Dance for health has become an important factor in the prevention, treatment and management in several health circumstances. 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude You'll be grateful that you made the change (and you'll sleep better).

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Benefits of sexual expression
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